Quick Answer: What’S The Meaning Of Bedraggled?

What does bedraggled mean in English?

1 : soiled and stained by or as if by trailing in mud.

2 : left wet and limp by or as if by rain.

3 : dilapidated bedraggled buildings..

How do you use bedraggled in a sentence?

Bedraggled in a Sentence 🔉The neglected puppy was bedraggled and near-death. … Once the bedraggled homeless man gets a hot shower and a warm meal, he will be a new man. … Are they really turning the bedraggled tenements into luxury condominiums? … The old man hired someone to clean up his bedraggled garden.More items…

What is toxic slang?

A phrase used when talking about a video game player who is irritating and/or rude. Sometimes a toxic player can simply be a person making a situation more difficult than it has to be. Being a ‘toxic’ person is simply causing and spreading hate. Similar Slang Words.

What does Trucelent mean?

1 : aggressively self-assertive : belligerent. 2 : scathingly harsh : vitriolic truculent criticism. 3 : feeling or displaying ferocity : cruel, savage. 4 : deadly, destructive.

What’s the meaning of untidy?

not tidy or neat; slovenly; disordered: an untidy room; an untidy person. not well-organized or carried out: an untidy plan.

What is the meaning of turpitude?

The Latin word turpitudo comes from “turpis,” which means “vile” or “base.” The word is often heard in the phrase “moral turpitude,” an expression used in law to designate an act or behavior that gravely violates the sentiment or accepted standard of the community.