Question: How Long Does It Take To Get Scentsy Starter Kit?

What do you get in your Scentsy starter kit?

What does the Scentsy Starter Kit include.

Our traditional Starter Kit includes everything you need to start your Scentsy business: a best-selling warmer, scented wax testers, catalogs, order forms, three months of your own PWS, product samples and more..

Where is scentsy shipped from?

UPS groundAll orders ship directly to you from Scentsy’s distribution center via UPS ground. Some smaller orders may ship via U.S. Postal Service.

How many Scentsy testers are in a kit?

Scentsy how many testers game, there is 114 total, there’s both sizes in the case. You can choose your own number though if you’d like. Find this Pin and more on Scentsy by Molly Reid.

Can you track a Scentsy order?

To track your Scentsy order, all you need to do is make sure you place your online orders through our website, then you will just need to provide the e-mail address used at the time of purchase or the order number, which can be found on your e-mail order confirmation, and tracking information for your order will be …

What discount do Scentsy consultants get?

Do Scentsy Consultants get a discount on products? While we don’t offer a traditional discount, Scentsy Consultants are welcome to host their own Scentsy parties and take advantage of our generous Host Rewards to get free and half-price products.

Can you join Scentsy just for the kit?

As a Scentsy Independent Consultant, you are an independent business owner authorized to sell Scentsy products for a commission. … You only need to pay the current price of the Starter Kit (plus local tax and shipping) to join Scentsy, and you’ll get a Starter Kit full of valuable business tools and product samples.

Is Scentsy a pyramid?

It’s not a pyramid scheme, it is Multi Level Marketing(MLM). The difference is that Scentsy sells a product. Regardless of how you feel about MLM’s they do have a product at the core of them. Pyramid schemes are just collecting money and paying off the first few investors with later investor money to prove it works.

Can you join Scentsy for free?

From the Damage Control file: No, there is not a way you can join Scentsy for free.

Is Scentsy worth the price?

Scentsy wax is non-toxic and paraben free, which for someone like me who has littles, it’s very reassuring that if they accidentally eat some I don’t have to worry. That in itself is worth the price to me. The scents are long lasting and the variety of scents is more than you would ever find in the store.

Does Scentsy replace broken warmers?

Yes, all Scentsy Warmers come with a lifetime replacement warranty for manufacturing defects. If your warmer is damaged during shipping, has a manufacturer defect, or electrical issue, it may be returned, with no limitation in time, to your Independent Scentsy Consultant for repair or replacement.

How long does Scentsy wax last?

approximately 50 to 60 hoursA Scentsy Bar will last approximately 50 to 60 hours, depending on the strength of the fragrance, where a Warmer is located in a room, the time of year, humidity and other factors.

Do Scentsy consultants make good money?

Assuming you’ve made it past the Escential Consultant level (making over $1,000 in sales over a year), you can earn anywhere from $20,480 a year (Certified Consultant) to $23,165 a year (Superstar Consultant); however, the maximum amount varies significantly from the median earning.

What does Posted mean in scentsy order?

queue to be fulfilledWhen you order from Scentsy family – as it has accepted your payment – it will change your status to Posted. That means your order is in the queue to be fulfilled. When the warehouse is filling your order, the status may change to printed.

How much is it to sign up with Scentsy?

In the United States you can become an independent Scentsy consultant for the cost of a starter kit, $99. Shipping of the starter kit is $10, plus your local sales tax.

How long do scentsy pods last?

120 hoursBut here’s the best part: Drop not just one, but two Scentsy Pods inside for set-it-and-forget-it fragrance that lasts up to 120 hours. Choose from three all-white designs — Stack, Star and Spin — to customize your experience even more.

Can scentsy order online?

Shop Scentsy Online. It’s easy to shop and buy Scentsy Warmers, bars, diffusers, and any Scentsy product online! All you need is a credit or debit card.